Village Social Evening

On the 3rd of April in the Grosvenor Hotel, we are hosting a Dean Village social evening. We invite all residents — past and present — to join!

  • Meet friends and exchange stories.
  • Past articles and old photos will be on view.
  • Entry includes hot finger buffet.
  • A cash bar will also be available.

To book your place, please contact patrickmccole at hotmail dot com (rewrite as a normal email address!), no later than 17th January.

Cost £15.95 per person.

Online archive expanded

We’ve expanded our online archive of back issues of the Dean Village News, with new scans of 46 issues running as far back as 1981. Have a browse on our Documents page

UPDATE: the scans have now been updated with an embedded approximation of their text, so you should be able to search them for particular words. The automated OCR (scanned-image-to-text) process isn’t perfect, insofar as it generally fails to recognise that there are two columns present and so badly loses the narrative flow of the newsletters, but it’s good enough for searching and indexing.

Phyllis Bone exhibition

Aardvark by Phyllis Bone
Aardvark by Phyllis Bone. Photograph by Stephencdickson on Wikimedia Commons.

From the late nineteenth century Dean Village hosted an artists’ studio: the Dean Studios found their home in the church that used to occupy the now-long-empty lot between Bell’s Brae and Belford Road.  One of the many artists to work out of this space was Phyllis Bone (1894–1972); during her time in the Dean Studios she became the first female member of the Royal Scottish academy.

Georgian Antiques is hosting the first ever retrospective of her work, to run for the duration of this year’s Festival.

Ramp between Belford & Haymarket steps reopened

Good news: the ramp on the Water of Leith Walk between Belford and the Haymarket steps reopened last week.  It feels rock-solid and is wider than its predecessor: no more single file!

Surveyors were seen this evening (4th June) on the closed path section just above the village.  Are we about to see some long-awaited progress here too?

Water of Leith path closures update

The latest on the seemingly interminable river path closures, courtesy of the Water of Leith Conservation Trust:

  • The section between Wester Coates (Haymarket steps) and Belford Bridge (Brittania Hotel) should reopen in mid May: they’re replacing the old wooden ramp at the bottom of the Haymarket steps.
  • No news on the landslip between Damside and Belford Bridge: the Council remain tight-lipped due to ongoing legal proceedings.

More information on the Trust’s blog.

Previously… Scotland’s History Festival

Previously… Scotland’s History Festival will take place in November.

This year, it celebrates the centenary of the great Scottish heroine Elsie Inglis, who lies buried in the Dean Cemetery.  She was a pioneering Scottish doctor, suffragist and founder of the Scottish Women’s Hospitals.

The Dean Village Association is running several events in support of the festival; they are listed in our calendarBooking is essential for these events.

More information on Previously… itself may be found at